Reviews Of Our Handmade Paper

From Calligraphers,

Printers, and Brides-to-be

Artists, calligraphers, printers, and DIY-brides have all helped us perfect our papermaking with their honest, inspirational, and often heart-felt comments. From one-off works of art to intricate invitation suites with hand calligraphy, watercolour accents, and delicate leafing, our paper exceeds expectations.

From Calligraphers

"For calligraphers planning on writing on this paper with a nib and ink, I would definitely recommend"

Kari, Etsy review

"I have to say I love the texture of @IndianCottonPaperCo's pieces"

"My new favorite handmade paper for calligraphy"

Pretty Written Things, Etsy review

"As a calligrapher, I found these papers beautiful to write on. Highly recommend"

Laura, Etsy review

"I love Indian Cotton Paper Co. paper as it’s premium and gives a nice, luxurious touch – also, my nib never catches on the upward strokes despite the beautiful texture!"

"Gorgeous papers! I love writing on these with my dip pen"

Illyahna, Etsy review

"I love the natural texture and deckle edge of @IndianCottonPaperCo's paper, which is surprisingly easy to write on! It gave our suite an organic, tactile feel"

From Printers

"I love the texture of @IndianCottonPaperCo's paper range, deckled and textured yet smooth and practical for my work. It's an added bonus that the colours are divine!"

"Our invitations printed beautifully!"

Jessica, Etsy review

"Stunning paper which printed beautifully on my vintage letterpress machine"

Grania, Etsy review

"We love the natural texture of @IndianCottonPaperCo's pieces, they are so organic yet smooth enough to work on"

"I printed my invites at home with no problems. Thank you so much"

Stephanie, Etsy review

From DIY-Brides

"Stunning handmade paper. Can't wait to use it for wedding invitations. Thank you"

Joana, Etsy review

"This paper is truly beautiful and I can't wait to use it for our mini wreath escort cards. Great and reliable service"

Latisha, Etsy review

"Gorgeous paper! Exactly the right style and size that I wanted to make my wedding RSVPs"

Rebecca, Etsy review

"These were perfect for our wedding"

Tanuja, Etsy review

"Love this shop. I used multiple times for my wedding"

Miranda, Etsy review

"It is so beautiful and I cannot wait to use it for my upcoming wedding."

Arianne, Etsy review

"Loving my second order of envelopes. Can't wait to use these for my wedding invites!"

Sarah, Etsy review
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