Handmade Deckle-Edge Paper

Organic. Luxe. Timeless.

Handmade deckle-edge cotton paper for hand calligraphy, digital printing, and letterpress of invitation, correspondence, and dining suites, although the possibilities are endless. With natural, delicate, and feathery deckle-edges, our pieces are made by hand using age-old techniques from 100% cotton – making for organic, luxe, timeless paper.

For Calligraphy, Printing & Watercolour

Our internal sizing and polishing give our pieces a smooth finish with a fine-tooth, so there's texture, but not too much. That means our pieces are nib-friendly, even on the up-stroke. Printer-friendly, from digital to letterpress. And watercolour-friendly, with light media. Our pieces are tactile and versatile – perfect for modern creativity.

"My new favorite handmade paper for calligraphy"

Pretty Written Things, Etsy review

Seven Sizes, Eight Colours

With a broad variety of sizes and colours, our range ensures your bases as an artist or designer are covered. White, Ivory, Blush, and Black are just a few of the colours in our palette, with each shade available in seven sizes of paper and three sizes of envelope too.

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For The Occasion

Our pieces have played an important part in special occasions and events, be it invitations, RVSPs, vows, name cards, or menus. Designers and DIY-brides consistently select our paper and envelopes to add a unique touch to their invitation suites and Big Day.

"Perfect for our wedding"

Tanuja, Etsy review

Made from 100% Cotton

Long, soft cotton fibres give our handmade paper its strength, crispness, and luxurious texture, which no other type of paper can compare to. The cotton in our paper comes from recycled off-cuts sourced from the textile industry in south India, which helps to reduce the waste which would otherwise become landfill.

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Only Available Online

Our range of paper is available to buy online on Etsy, via our factory's website, and at Amazon US. Wherever you happen to place your order, your pieces will be hand-prepared and shipped from our factory in Pondicherry, south India.

"This paper is truly beautiful"

Latisha, Etsy review

Worldwide Shipping

With fast, dependable, and trackable shipping via DHL's Express Worldwide service, our pieces will be with you in 3 days from south India. Regular post is an option too for smaller or less time-sensitive orders.
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