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While we like to stay focussed on papermaking, we do know of some exceptionally talented and experienced designers, printers, artists, and calligraphers who we would highly recommend should you be looking for such a paper artisan to help you.

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Submit details of your requirement to receive a recommendation for a paper artisan. Let us know the services you need, your timeframe, a short brief, your budget, your location, and we will create a shortlist of available artisans close to you and introduce you to the best match.

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How does it work?

  1. Submit your details

    Fill in our form detailing the specifics of your requirement such as the services you need, your target date, the quantity, a short design brief, your budget, and your location. After submitting your details we will email you asking you to verify your email address to ensure your contact details are correct before we begin our search.
  2. We shortlist artisans and check availability

    Based on your requirement, we will create a shortlist of appropriate artisans from our Directory who will be best suited to helping you. To ensure our final selection is available, we will contact each artisan to check their availability given your target date.
  3. You receive our best selection

    Having created a shortlist and whittled it down based on availability, we will introduce you to our best selection who will get in touch with you directly, so you don't have to lift a finger.

How long does it take?

Our aim is to provide you with a recommendation within 24 hours of your submission. Once your email address is verified we will begin to create a shortlist of the best artisans rightaway and then contact each one to check their availability. Once we know who is available we will select the best match and introduce you to them.

Who are your paper artisans?

Each paper artisan in our Directory is a talented artist, designer, calligrapher, or printmaker (or a mix of all four). All artisans have experience working with handmade paper, creating everything from unique one-off hand-written letters to stunning wedding invitation suites.

How much does it cost?

Our artisan recommendation service is free. Our aim is to simplify what can be a long-winded process for finding skilled and talented artisans who are familiar with working with handmade paper, often for very special and personal occasions. Given our acquaintance with such artisans, it's also our way of thanking them for their loyalty by directing them customers who love the medium of handmade paper as much as they do.

What if I need more than one recommendation?

If by chance you need another recommendation we can very easily introduce you to another from our shortlist for your requirement.

Are you a paper artisan?

Our Directory contains some of the most talented paper artisans from across the world familiar with working with handmade paper, providing them customers who love the medium of handmade paper as much as they do. Our Directory is currently open for new artisan applications.

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